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Holiday Hours

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Our office is closed from Thursday 24-Dec-09 until Monday 11-Jan-10.
For after hours support, refer to our contact page.


Tue 6th: Pre order Windows 7 today

Windows 7 will be available for pickup or delivery on the official launch day: Thu 22-Oct-09
Checkout the All Things Digital (Wall Street Journal) review:
A Windows To Help You Forget
"I believe it is the best version of Windows Microsoft (MSFT) has produced. It's a boost to productivity and a pleasure to use."

OEM Windows 7 editions (for with a new PC):
- Home Premium $220
- Professional $275 (supports Windows XP Mode)
- Ultimate $363 (supports virtual applications)

Intel Core i7 base system promotion, only $1100 inc GST.

Replace your existing box*, the Intel Core i7 is the best desktop processor available.
- Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz CPU i7-860
- Intel Desktop Board DP55WB
- Transcend 1GB Memory JM1333KLU-1G (Lifetime Warranty)
- Seagate 250GB Hard Disk ST3250318AS
- Liteon SATA DVD-ROM iHDS118
- Access Desktop Case A-09B
- Asus Radeon 1GB HD Graphics card EAH4650/DI/1GD2

If you already have a suitable PCI Express 2.0 video card, then the base system cost is only $990 inc GST.
*base system excludes operating system and peripherals such as monitor, keyboard & mouse.
Contact us for custom quotation.


Tue 8th: Intel introduces Core i7 & i5 (Lynnfield) processors

Intel news release
Checkout the latest Anandtech review:
Lynnfield: Harder, Better, Faster Stronger


Mon 6th: Lenovo G530L full featured notebook bundle only $1,100

Specs include: Intel T4200 CPU, 3 GB memory, 250 GB Hard Drive.
Bundle comes with a mouse and notebook bag.
For full specifications visit: Netro: Notebooks
It's T3400 little brother got Editor's Choice on the US NotebookReview site.


Fri 26th: Buy Windows Vista, get Windows 7 upgrade free

For details visit: Lenovo Windows 7 upgrade

Fri 19th: Is your computer at risk? Check our 4 step security guide

Visit: Netro Support: Security Resources


Tue 26th: Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 released

SP2 includes support for new hardware.

Thu 14th: 50% bonus tax deduction for small businesses

on purchases over $1,000 until 31-Dec-09
see Small Business tax break for details.
The Education Tax Refund is available until 30-Jun-09.



Tue 6th: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 released

XP SP3 includes previously released updates and a small number
of new updates such as NAP (Network Access Protection).


Thu 27th: .asia domain names are now live!

Now available $99/2yrs or $55/yr
Register your .asia domain name before someone else does.
Protect your business name today.
Check your domain name availability at .asia WHOIS service
For general details visit Netro Domain names

Tue 18th: Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 released

SP1 is a complete set of updates that Microsoft has issued over the past year
plus additional enhancements to improve your PC experience.
Technet: Notable changes



Fri 7th: Office closed for APEC

The Netro office will be closed on the APEC Sydney Public Holiday
Only limited support will be available from Thu 6th to Mon 10th inclusive.

AugIntel Core 2 Quad Processor

Mon 27th: New Netro Desktop PC series released

Intel Core Micro-architecture systems from $495
Netro Quad Core system only $1089
For details visit Netro Desktop Systems  



Fri 22nd: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We thank you for your support this year and look forward to working with you in 2007.
Our office will be closed 6pm Fri 22-Dec-06, reopening 9am on Mon 8-Jan-07.
If you require support during this period, after hours support charges may apply.
please log the details via our contact page and leave a message on our voicemail
if the request is urgent. The contact page is also accessible from our home page.

Thu 14th: ADSL 8192/384 Kb plan now available nationally

For details, refer to our DSL Soho plans.


Tue 27th: ADSL2+ now available

25 exchanges in NSW, VIC & QLD are now active.
For availability, refer to DSLAM schedule

Sat 10th: SSL Mail now supported

We now support SSL for encrypted email retrieval & sending.

Thu 8th: Free ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem Router promotion

With every new ADSL Connection, limited time only. worth $77


Wed 3rd
: LiveStats Upgrade

We are now running the Live Statistics XSP v8.03 server for Windows web hosting clients,
which features a number of new features & reports.


Sat 29: Windows Server 2003 Web Server Upgrade

Includes number of updates including Service Pack 1
More information available on our IIS Resources page.


Fri 17th: 1300 Sales number now active

For Sales enquiries, call 1300 003 001 (Local call anywhere in Australia from fixed line)


Mon 27th
: North Sydney primary data centre link upgraded

Our primary link has been upgraded to faster infrastructure.
Both our core Cisco routers have been upgraded.
We now offer 10 Mb download for Windows Hosting & cable clients


Thu 19: FormMail script upgraded

FormMail is great for sending emails via a web based form.



Wed 23: Netro now uses Netgear ADSL2+ routers

According to the Whirlpool 2005 Australian Broadband Survey,
Netgear was voted the easiest to install ADSL Modem on the market.


Mon 31st: Linux Web Hosting

Websites have been moved onto a faster server, on a faster link,
If you cannot view the website, make sure you clear your DNS Cache,
For details refer to: DNS FAQ Q2 (located at the bottom of the DNS page)

Mon 17th: Email & Webmail server upgraded

Email & Webmail has been moved onto a faster server, on a faster link,
If you cannot send or receive email, please ensure you are using the
correct mail settings. We recommend that you use hostname,
not the IP address, since this could change in future.

Please note that usernames & passwords are case sensitive.
username should be all lower case.

Webmail now has a new address:
Please update your favourites (bookmarks)
The service was unavailable during the server switchover
to ensure mailboxes were syncronised, for details refer to scheduled outages

Fraudulent Emails

Some customers have reported receiving fraudulent emails,
which appear to come from us:

from ""
Subject: Members Support

Dear Netro Member,

We have temporarily suspended your email account ...

Official emails from Netro normally show our ABN.
To verify if the email did originate from us,
view the Internet headers


Mon 15th: New Netro 0198 333 939 National Dialup Number activated!

We are pleased to advise that the new Netro 0198 333 939 national
dialup number is now active, providing coverage around most of Australia
for the cost of a local call. Please ensure your settings are updated
to use the new number AND new user name format ""

The old number will be disconnected shortly. Remember to disable manual
web proxy and DNS settings (if enabled), since this will now be done transparently.

To create a new dialup connection called "Netro Dialup" with the new number, goto:
Control Panel, Network & Internet Connections, Network Connections.
The old dialup connection can be deleted once you have logged onto the new number

For details, please visit the Netro Dialup Support page:


Satellite Imagery

Checkout your world from space: (Uses a 10 MB downloadable program) (North America coverage)


Tue 28th EFT details have changed

Refer to your Invoice for new account details.


Tue 3rd: National ADSL Coverage

We are pleased to advise that with the addition of the ACT
(Australian Capital Territory), we now provide National ADSL coverage.
Over 1,200 Telstra telephone exchanges have now been ADSL enabled
around the country in most urban and major rural centres.


Tue 13th

Mailbox size increased by 25%

Maximum size is now 25 MB, increased from 20 MB
providing you with more storage space on the server.

Upgrade to Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 1

The Microsoft Windows IIS web server platform will be upgraded soon,
please ensure your web site such as ASP (Active Server Pages) is
compatible with the new version.


Thu 3rd

Deceptive domain offers

Beware of deceptive letters and/or faxes sent by Domains Australia
offering .com domain registration for $225.
For more information refer to the AuDA Consumer Alert
If you do wish to register or renew a .com domain name,
this can be done through Netro for only $99 for 2 years.
For more details refer to our Domain services

Tue 1st

Rate Limiting

Traffic shaping has been implemented on Netro Border routers to prioritise interactive
traffic such as HTTP, HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
and VPN (Virtual Private Network), by limiting non interactive traffic such as SMTP
(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) traffic between servers to 800 Kb (100 KB/sec) on primary link and
64 Kb (8 KB/sec) on secondary link.

Flow Monitoring

Netro now captures flow information for billing, bandwidth management and security.
Information captured includes source & destination Protocol, IP address & Port numbers.

Offensive Material

Under the Criminal Code, it is illegal to access and/ or host child pornography
and child abuse material via the Internet. For more information, refer to the
Attorney-General's Department and section 4.1 (use of the service)
of our Terms & Conditions


Tue 1st

DSL Soho Pricing reduction

Flat Rate pricing is now available from $71.50/mth ($65 ex).
For details refer to DSL Soho plans

DSL Soho Shaping option

Now available on usage based plans for an extra $8.25/mth (7.50 ex)
For details refer to DSL Soho plans


Sat 1st: ABN Changed

The Netro ABN (Australian Business Number) has changed to: 19 136 968 156
Please update your records.




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Netro office will be closed from 16:00 hrs Fri 24-Dec-04 (Christmas eve)
until 9:00 hrs Wed 5-Jan-05. Only limited support will be available during
this period.


ADSL 2+ Routers now shipping
Netcomm have recently released the NB5 router which will support up to 25 MB
on an ADSL 2 enabled exchange (DSLAM), expected to be available by 2006.
Speed comparison below:
- ADSL 1 ... 8 Mb
- ADSL 2 ... 12 Mb
- ADSL 2+ ... 25 Mb

This allows you to buy the next generation router now, and be ready for ADSL 2 when available.
Cost $148.50. More details available on DSL Hardware page

Unlimited Business grade 512/512k DSL expires Fri 13-Aug-04
Setup $297 (normally $495) 40% discount
Ongoing $1,188 per Quarter (360/mth ex), normally $1650 (28% discount)
16:1 contention ratio
12 month contract

For billing and fraud prevention, CLI (Caller Line Identification) blocking will no longer work
on Internet dialup calls made to (02) 9925 5800, even if you have a "silent number".
For more information, refer to Telstra Variation of Customer Terms.

Internet Connectivity redundancy has been improved by implementation of service assurance agent,
which will automatic switch outgoing traffic to our backup link in the event of packet degradation
exceeding 5 seconds.

Changed backup provider, allowing us to provide more competitive pricing on dedicated links.


Primary mail & proxy server has been upgraded, including 2nd Processor, memory doubled and Operating System upgrade.

Changed primary provider to provide additional capacity for future growth

Border Router memory upgraded, providing better connectivity

Backup web server upgraded, providing better redundancy

Jan 2003
The Network Operations Centre is now monitored 24 hours day.


Our office will be closed from 6 pm Friday before Christmas (20th December 2002) until the first Monday of the new year (6th January 2002). Only limited technical support will be available until New Years day. During this period, email, or leave a message on our voice mail system. Have a great Christmas break and we look forward to speaking to you in the New Year. Thank you for your support over the last year

Emergency Power capacity in our data centre has been upgraded with installation of a redundant UPS

Webmail client has been updated, you can now change your account password via the options menu

Updated Diagnostics Trace page

Updated various Sites links

.au domain names have been deregulated, two year licences available from $99
For details refer to our Domain Services

Inbound & Outbound emails are now scanned for most viruses
Refer to Anti Virus Support

Keep your Internet Connection Secure
Refer to Security Support

Email can now be read via the web using our Webmail interface.
Bookmark this address:

How to configure and troubleshoot DNS (Domain Name Service)

Connected to a new Internet backbone supplier to provide additional capacity
New Cisco border router was implemented
Primary Mail and DNS Server was upgraded provide additional security and more capacity
Refer to Mail FAQ Support
How to monitor and minimising your bandwidth usage

Jan 2002
Netro launches its ADSL & SHDSL Service
Refer to our DSL Services
Our AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) has been updated