Netro: DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) resolves host names such as ""
to an IP address, such as, and directs email to the correct host
via MX (Mail eXchange) Record. These DNS records are stored on a DNS Server.

DNS Servers
These addresses are normally assigned automatically by our Access Server to Dialup, Permanent & DSL Connections
However if you have a subnet that is connected, you may wish to allocate the following addresses via DHCP from your
router or server.

Dialup & DSL:
Primary: (
Secondary: (

Domain Hosting & Collocation (Sydney NOC)
Primary: (
Secondary: (

For changes to your domain, visit Netro: Domain Management

Q1. Can't resolve addresses
Find out what your IP address & DNS servers are set to, by running:
winipcfg or ipconfig /all
Email details to: support
Please note that zone transfers or recursive lookups from outside our network are disabled by default

Q2. Not seeing the new address
The following command should refresh your DNS:
ipconfig /flushdns

If the old page is still appearing in your browser, delete your cache:
Tools, Temporary Internet Files & Delete.
Restart your browser

Manual client configuration
Under Windows 2000
Select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network
Local Area Connection, Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Properties, Advanced, DNS
Add the DNS Server Addresses
Important: Untick "Register this connections addresses in DNS
Since for security reasons, we do not support Dynamic DNS registration

Last updated: Jul 07