Netro: Domain Management

We can host your domain name on our server,
and manage your domain name records including:
- NS (Name Servers)

- MX (Email)

- A (Host)
- CNAME (Alias)
- PTR (Reverse DNS)

In order to update your NS records to point your domain to our server,
we will require your domain name password, also known as a registry key.
This can be recovered from our registrar page

All & domain names delegated to our servers are transferred to one of our
auDA accredited registrars at no cost.

Please note that the domain TTL (Time To Live) records

will determine how long it takes for a record change to update
through the Internet. Our SOA (Zone of Authority) default is 86,400 seconds (24 hours)

NS Records
The NS (Name Server) records specify where the domain is hosted.
By default these are the Netro DNS servers:

In order for us to update your MX, A or CNAME records, the domain must be hosted at Netro.
If the NS records are blank, your domain won't be active on the Internet.
If you require support for your domain hosted at another provider,
refer to our extended support options.

MX Records
The MX (Mail Exchange) record determines which server email is sent to.
By default this is the Netro mail server, for delivery to a POP (Post Office Protocol) Account

The default Netro servers are:

If you would like email sent directly to your own mail server,
please specify the hostname, make sure that the reverse DNS record matches.

A Records
An A Record is used to resolve a hostname to an IP address, such as:
www (web server)
intranet (internal web server)
proxy (caching server)

CNAME Records
A CNAME (Canonical Name) record is an alias for an existing A record, such as:
pop (incoming mail)
smtp (outgoing mail)

PTR Records
PTR (Pointer) records are used for reverse DNS (IP to hostname) resolution,
in.addr-arpa domain for the (Class C) IP address range must be hosted by us in order to update.

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