Netro Support: Mail FAQ

This document covers FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to Netro technical support

1. Server could not be found (
The old mail server ( has been decommissioned, update your mail settings
eg Outlook: Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Servers
Incoming (POP):
Outgoing (SMTP):

2. Unable to logon using Distributed Password Authentication (Error No: 0x800ccc18)
eg Outlook: Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Servers
Untick "Secure Password Authentication", since it is not supported

3. Unable to connect to server (Error No: 0x800ccc0e)
eg Outlook: Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Advanced
Untick "This Server requires a secure connection", since it is not supported

4. 552 5.3.4 Error: message file too big
The two possibilities are:

1. The message size exceeds 10 MB
To send a large attachment, compress it using a tool such as WinZip
Or upload the file to your personal home page
Please note that most attachments are MIME encoded which can have a 30% overhead.
In realty this means the total attachment size is limited to around 7 MB.

2. The mailbox size exceeds 25 MB
Delete the messages from Webmail or download the messages to an
email client such as Outlook.
If you are the sender, give the recipient a call
or use a different email address.

For more infomation, refer to mail size limits

5. (553) Domain of sender address does not exist
Make sure your email address is valid
This is usually in the form of
If you are using a domain name which is NOT hosted on Netro mail server
then you will have to use your netro address in the "Email address" field" & place
your other address in the reply address
ie Outlook: Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, General

6. The same messages keep on downloading
Make sure your email client is configured to delete the messages from our server after retrieving them, rather than leaving them on the server.
ie Outlook: Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Advanced
Untick "Leave messages on server"

7. Error "451 4.7.1 Please try again later" whilst sending email
Caused by Norton Anti Virus 2002 timing out whilst scanning for viruses
Open Norton Antivirus
Select Options, Email, untick Scan outgoing
Also try changing or disabling timeout

8. How to access the same emails from multiple locations
The easiest way to do this is to use an email client such as Outlook
at the primary location, and Netro Webmail at the secondary location.

Normally an email client such as Outlook will delete the message
on our server once it has succesfully downloaded it to the client,
however if you wish to be able to access the message from the secondary
location, you will need to leave the message on the server for a brief period.

Caution: If the messages are not deleted from the server
after x number of days, then the mailbox could eventually get full,
which will result in any new messages being returned to sender with
a "mailbox full" error, until rectified.

Instructions for Outlook 2003:
Tools, Emails Accounts
Change (View or change existing email accounts)
Advanced (More Settings)
Leave a copy of messages on the server
Remove from server after 2 days

To ensure email gets stored at the primary location,
Leave "Remove from server" unticked at the secondary location.