Netro DSL Services


ADSL2+, ADSL1 and SHDSL (Asynchronous & Single-pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Line) technology
has many benefits over Dialup (analogue) modem connections, such as:
- Faster, offering speeds up to 24,000/1024 Kb, 8196/640 Kb & 2048/2048 Kb
  respectively compared to 56/33 Kb (download & upload)
- Always online, no telephone call charges, saving $11.88/mth based on 54 calls/mth @ $0.22/call
- Digital, providing better reliability and lower latency (faster response times).
- Very cost effective, compared to more traditional technologies such as ISDN and Frame Relay.
- Can be used at the same time as a telephone, save line rental by closing a 2nd line,
  then move the number across to the primary number using distinctive ring.

Product Overview

Netro provides a range of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) services to get your organisation connected to the Internet.

Current plans:
DSL2 Fastest ADSL2+ plans available on over 300 MSAN's in most capital cities and some major regional areas.
DSL1 Fast ADSL1 plans available on over 2,600 DSLAM's around Australia.

Older plans:
DSL Soho The ideal entry level ADSL solution
DSL Biz Include ADSL Service Level Agreements (SLA)
DSL Corporate Provide ultra fast ADSL & SHDSL connectivity

More information:
DSL Hardware Equipment to get you connected, including ADSL 2
DSL Benefits Comparison between Dialup & DSL Technologies

Netro DSL SOHO & Biz is available nationally in most areas.
Netro DSL Corporate is available nationally in most areas of capital cities & larger regional areas.
No premium for services setup in regional areas.
Fixed IP address is included and no ports are blocked, ideal for a local SMTP (Mail) Server.
Backup Dialup Account included with DSL Soho & DSL Biz plans
(Mailbox plan includes 3 hours Dialup per month)
Last updated 31-May-10