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Netro ADSL1 benefits include:
- Fixed IP Address (Normally $26.40/yr) great for VPN (Virtual Private Networks) & hosting your own Mail and Web Server
- Mailbox, can be accessed via POP and/or Webmail.
- 3 Hours per month Dialup Access Mailbox plan (Normally $118.80/yr), available from around Australia via 0198 331 321
- No long term 12 or 24 month contracts.
- Not locked in to a particular telephone carrier, freedom to chose.
- Both the Internet and phone service can be used simultaneously, allowing line rental costs to be reduced.


New connection upgrades your analogue telephone line to DSL within your local telephone exchange.
Transfer can be used if already connected to a DSL provider on the "fast churn agreement" list.
Change of plan type (usage or flat rate), speed and/ or layer (such as the business grade DSL plans) $59.40 (54 ex)
DSL is not compatible with PABX or other office type phone systems. A fax line should work fine.
Microfilter required for every analogue device (such as telephone or fax) on the same line.

Type New Transfer
Connection Fee 198 (180 ex) normally 59.40 (54 ex)

Contract period
Six (6) month contract time applies, otherwise early termination fee applies $99 (90 ex)
Minimum contract cost: Connection Fee + One month usage + Termination Fee
Payments must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.

Unlimited off peak

Off-peak data is now unmetered.
Off peak is between midnight and 8am, ideal for downloading large files, such as Windows & security updates.

Usage based

Usage measured on incoming data only, per calendar month
Plans available from 1-Jul-11, previous plans are shown here.

Connection Speed (Kb) 256/64 512/128 1536/256 8192/384* 512/512
Six Monthly 264 (40/mth) 310.20 (47/mth) 343 (52/mth) 561 (85/mth)
Quarterly 148.50 (45/mth) 181.50 (55/mth) 198 (60/mth) 313.50 (95/mth)
Download Included (Peak) 1 GB  
Excess Data (per MB) 0.011 (0.01 ex)  

Traffic Shaping down to 64 Kb when designated download threshold exceeded is available for an additional $49.50 per 6 months (7.50/mth ex).

Flat Rate

Frequent usage
Connection Speed (Kb) 256/64 512/128 1536/256 8192/384*
Download included (Peak) Unlimited 10 GB 25 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Six Monthly 330 (50/mth) 396 (60/mth) 323.40 (49/mth) 343.20 (52/mth) 363 (55/mth)
Quarterly 181.50 (55/mth) 214.50 (65/mth) 178.20 (54/mth) 188.10 (57/mth) 198 (60/mth)
Excess Speed No shaping Shaped to 64 Kb whilst download included exceeded for the previous 30 days.

High usage
Connection Speed (Kb) 1536/256 8192/384* 512/512
Download included (Peak) 50 GB 100 GB 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB 100 GB
Six Monthly 396 (60/mth) 462 (70/mth) 429 (65/mth) 495 (75/mth) 726 (110/mth)
Quarterly 214.50 (65/mth) 247.50 (75/mth) 231 (70/mth) 264 (80/mth) 396 (120/mth)
Excess Speed Shaped to 64 Kb whilst download included exceeded for the previous 30 days.

Prices shown includes GST, except the monthly rate (shown in brackets) for calculation & comparison purposes.
No excess usage charges, if peak quota is exceeded, off peak will be shaped as well.
*Actual speed will depend on distance from telephone exchange.


The above pricing is available on Zone 1 (Metro) exchanges
Extended coverage is available via 2,728 ADSL enabled Telstra exchanges as at 15/08/11,
the following extended coverage price premium applies for the above usage and flat rate plans:

Region Zone 2/3 (Regional/ Rural)
Six Monthly 132 (20/mth ex)
Quarterly 72.60 (22/mth ex)

IP Addresses

Additional IP Addresses available.


For details, refer to DSL Hardware page

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