Netro Support: DSL

Router links
Dlink 500/504
Dlink 502T
Linksys WAG54G2
Netcomm NB1200
Netcomm NB1300
Netcomm NB3
Netcomm NB5
Netcomm NB5Plus4w
Netgear DG834g
Netgear DM111

Wireless LAN

ADSL Provisioning
Here is a guideline on how long it takes to activate a new service.
Min: 5 Days
Avg: 8 Days
Max: 18 Days

ADSL Settings
userid: (formerly
password: ********
Authentication: PPPOE VC-Mux (formerly RFC1483 for legacy Layer 3 services)

VPI: 8 *
VCI: 35 *
MRU 1492*
MTU 1492*
MSS 1432*

* These are normally the default settings.

Email Settings
Remember to enable SASL - Outgoing Mail Authentication.

Remote Management
HTTP Server Access
WAN Address:
Subnet Mask:

For security, remember to change default admin password

Automatically configured on most routers, eg:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:


1. Ping
Can you ping a popular site such as Yahoo or Google? eg

If not, can you ping your router (gateway)
ipconfig will show your default gateway address. eg

2. Line Sync
Does the router have DSL line sync?
Most routers will indicate this via a status light on the front panel.
Make sure its solid, not flashing, refer to your documentation for details.

If not, check your router status page, event log and diagnostic screen.
Often a router restart, or power cycle (turn off, wait 5 seconds, turn back on)
will resolve the problem.

If problem persists, do an isolation test (disconnect all other devices from that telephone line)
Can you access the Internet via Dialup?

3. Dial tone
Test line with analogue handset & filter
If not, check for faulty cabling.
This may not apply for dedicated services such as SHDSL.

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