Netro DSL Biz

Product Overview
Netro DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Biz is designed for Business.
Pricing in brackets are ex GST per month pricing, shown for calculation purposes.


Asymmetric Service (ADSL)
Up to 1.5 Mb/sec, ideal for business grade high speed Internet Connectivity
Uses existing telephone line, line filter is required for analogue devices such as fax machine.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)
99.5% uptime (less than 3.75 hrs downtime) per calendar month
If target is not met, rebate 10:1 multiple of monthly service fee (up to 100%)
which is shown as credit on next bill. Rebates do not apply on excess data usage.
Faults must be reported via or Fax.
which is the start time used for service level calculations

Connection fee upgrades an existing analogue telephone line to DSL technology within the exchange.
Transfer applies if you are connected to another provider on the Telstra Wholesale "Fast churn agreement".
Change of speed or layer fee $49.50 (45)

Type New Transfer
Connection Fee 198 (180) 59.40 (55)

Fixed IP address included.
Usage measured on incoming data only, per calendar month.
Plan available from 01-Oct-04, old plans available here
Six (6) Month commitment, early disconnect fee: $99 (90)

Connection Speed (Kb) 256/64 512/128 1500/256 512/5128192/384
Six Monthly 594 (90/mth) 891 (135/mth) 1,188 (180/mth) 1,485 (225/mth)1,782  (270/mth)
Quarterly 330 (100/mth) 495 (150/mth) 660 (200/mth) 825 (250/mth)990 (300/mth)
Download Included 1 GB 3 GB 5 GB 5 GB10 GB
Excess Data (per MB) 0.132 (0.12)

Pricing confirmed on order, variations & availability subject to location

IP Addresses
One Fixed (Static) IP address is included
Additional IP Addresses available

For details, refer to DSL Hardware page

Last updated 19/09/01