Dialup Plans

Prices shown include GST

Product Information

Netro provides high speed Internet access via multiple domestic and international links providing an unparalleled level of reliability and performance. We operate an uncontested network with a low user to modem ratio to ensure a high level of service to our customers.

The following table shows the different account plans available. The effective monthly rate is discounted for longer term commitments. Netro provides local dialup access around Australia via a 0198 number.

Key Features
No bandwidth limits
5 MB members web site

Plan Mailbox Casual Regular Business
Hours 3 hours 10 hours 30 hours 150 hours
Registration $24.75 ($22.50)
Month $16.50 (15/mth) $27.50 (25/mth) $38.50 (35/mth) $49.50 (45/mth)
Quarter $39.60 (12/mth) $69.30 (21/mth) $99 (30/mth) $132 (40/mth)
Year $118.80 (9/mth) $237.60 (18/mth) $356.40 (27/mth) $495 (37.50/mth)
Effective hourly rate $3.3 (3/hr) $1.98 (1.80/hr) $0.99 (0.90/hr) $0.28 (0.25/hr)
Excess usage $4.95 (4.50/hr) $3.85 (3.50/hr) $2.75 (2.50/hr) $2.75 (2.50/hr)

The monthly rate (shown in brackets) excludes GST and is shown for calculation & comparison purposes. For pricing before 01/11/00, refer here.

The registration fee includes 5 MB of space for your own personal home page (at http://members.netro.com.au/~username) and the creation of your own Netro email address (username@netro.com.au). No registration fee applies for renewals unless the account has expired or you wish to change your username.

Once we receive your application form, we will fax or mail you a configuration guide for your operating system. This will include instructions on how to download the free software to get you online. Should you have any technical enquires, Netro offers comprehensive online support pages, 24 hour email support and full help desk support on (02) 9922 5255, between 9am and 6pm Monday through to Saturday.

How are my hours calculated?

Your hours will be calculated on a calendar month basis, if your account starts or terminates during the month, then the hours will be apportioned.  Account usage details are available online 

If you exceed the pre-paid hours or bandwidth during the month then you will be charged an excess usage rate for the excess component, issued at the end of the calendar month, or deferred if the total is under $10. Netro reserves the right to bill high volume customers in advance based on previous usage.

Other account information

Your Dialup plan can be changed at any time by emailing accounts@netro.com.au, however the change will not become effective until the next month. If you wish to put your account on hold (while going on holidays for example), then we recommend downgrading to a mailbox plan for the period.

Please note that you are responsible for any usage in your account. Please contact us immediately if you suspect any unauthorised use.

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Credit cards welcome including Amex & Diners Email: info@netro.com.au
Call (02) 9922 5255 Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm Home page: http://www.netro.com.au/

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