GST Implementation Update

Netro is registered for GST and our ABN is : 80 064 194 234

Netro Invoicing for GST
As you are all well aware, the new government imposed Good and Services Tax (GST) came into effect 1st July 2000.  As Internet Provision is a service, GST applies to all Netro contracts that span past July 1st 2000 and all contracts entered into after that date.

Netro is currently sending all its subscribers a transitional "Tax Invoice" for this GST charge, for subscriptions that have already been paid for that go over the 1st July 2000 implementation date. This "Tax Invoice" will be GST exclusive just for this period, so all GST charges are made clear to the customer.

Each invoice will detail a "pro-rata" amount for GST covering subscriptions that span 1st July 2000.

Example :

Customer on Dialup Regular Quarterly account

Subscription dates run from:

15 May 2000 to expiry date 15 August 2000

NB: Customer has paid in advance $105.00


The period 1 July to 15 August is subject to GST

Pro-rata $105.00 to calculate the cost of 46 days of subscription which is subject to GST:

$105.00 divided by 3 months (91 days) * multiplied by 46 days = $53.08

$53.08 plus the full 10% GST = $58.39

The customer will now be billed $5.31 GST on a "Tax Invoice"

*NB: For accounting purposes, Netro will use an average value of 30 days for a Monthly Plan, 91 days for a Quarterly Plan, 182 days for a 6 Month Plan and 365 days for a Yearly Plan for GST calculations

Netro Price Restructuring

At present Netro has not been informed of any cost savings from its suppliers. However, Netro will "flow on" any cost savings that are incurred at the time. Netro is currently restructuring its prices due to a change in supplier. These new prices will be available on our website at

If you have any further queries with regard to your account and the GST, please contact us via email to or by telephone 02 9922 5255.

Thankyou for your ongoing patronage to Netro! 

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