Netro: DSL Benefits

ADSL has number of benefits including:
- Faster
- Quicker response
- Always on
- No dialup call costs
- Make calls & use the Internet simultaneously
- Save unnecessary 2nd line rental costs.

Feature comparison Table

Service Dialup ADSL Benefits
Download Speed 14.4 - 56 Kb 256 - 1536 Kb (30 times faster) up to 30 times faster
Upload Speed 14.4 - 33.6 Kb 64 - 512 Kb (15 times faster) up to 15 times faster
Latency 150 ms 10 ms up to 15 times more responsive.
Login time 30 seconds Always on Save time using the Internet
Dialup Costs $0.22 per call NA No call costs
Line sharing No Yes Make calls and use the Internet simultaneously
National coverage All 66 Call Collection Areas Over 1200 ADSL enabled exchanges Now available in most suburban and regional centres.
Roaming Yes Yes, via backup dialup account. 3 hours Dialup access is included with DSL

If you currently have two lines such as one for voice (making and receiving calls)
and one for data (dialup Internet usage) consider only using one, since DSL
allows you to use voice and data at the same time. If you wish to maintain
your old fax number, consider using multiple number service such as Telstra Duet (multiple number)

Potential Line Rental savings:
Home Line Rental $18.50 - $29.95
Business Line Rental $34.95 - $40.95

Monthly Cost comparison Table

Service Dialup ADSL
Monthly Plan $29.70 $49.50
2nd Line Rental $34.95 NA
Call Costs $11.88 NA
Total $76.53 $49.50

Savings $27.03/mth or 35%, all prices shown inc GST.

Dialup Plan: 30 hrs/mth Regular Yearly
DSL Plan: 256/64Kb 500 Mb DSL Soho
Call Costs: 54 dialup calls @ $0.22 each (Business Line complete)

Total Internet subscribers in Australia (including Netro)
Dialup Subscribers: 4.1 Million
DSL subscribers: 1.2 Million

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics - Internet Activitity Survey March 2005