Netro Support: Security Resources

The Internet by nature is an insecure network, to ensure you get the
best experience from your Internet service, we recommend that you
implement some security measures to protect your system, such as
the installation of the latest security patches, firewall, anti spyware
and anti-virus sofware

Four step security guide:

1. Software updates
Install the latest updates:
- Windows: Microsoft Update
- Browser: Qualys Browser Check* and Mozilla Plugin Check*
- Software: Personal Software Inspector (PSI) or Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI)

Common updates include:
- Sun Java (check)
- Adobe Flash Player (check)
- Adobe Reader
- Apple Quicktime (/ iTunes)

2. Personal Firewall
If using Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 or later,
make sure the built in Firewall is enabled.
(Control Panel, Security Centre, Firewall)
For older operating systems such as Windows 2000 visit Firewall Guide
eg ZoneAlarm or Kerio

3. Spyware Blocker
Ensure you install the latest spyware updates.
- Defender (already included with Windows Vista)
- Spybot Search & Destroy

4. Anti Virus
Ensure you Install the latest anti virus updates.
Netro Support: Anti Virus Resources
- Kaspersky: Free Virus Scan including: Virus Removal Tool, Rescue Disk, Security Scan & 30-day fully functional trial.
- Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)
- Symantec Security Check*
- AVG (personal use)
- PC Tools Anti Virus (free version requires manual signature updates)
- F-Secure Online Scanner
- Microsoft Safety Scanner* - Offline Anti Virus & Spyware Scanner
- Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool - Scans for over 50 malicious viruses

Netro may restrict access to some services on some address ranges
to reduce the risk of Intrusion to our network.

Security Tools
HijackThis - shows changes made to system
SysInternals Live: Process Explorer - shows process file location.
Security Task Manager - show hidden processes
Wepawet - analyse web-based malware.
Panda ActiveScan 2.0 - check for infections.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) - check for malware.
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - check your settings.
WFetch v1.4 - diagnose browsing issues.
VirusTotal - analyze suspicious files

Microsoft Security
Redhat Errata
AusCERT: Protecting Your PC
AusCERT: Choosing a good password
Microsoft: Check your password
Microsoft: Windows password complexity requirements*
Using msconfig
Wikipedia: Conficker and Conficker Working Group worm information.
SANS Institute Computer Security News/ Newsletters*
Antivirus comparison*


Stay Smart Online
Scam Watch
IIA Security Portal
Google Family Safety*
Facebook Safety Centre*
Microsoft: Online Safety
- Social Engineering: Phishing & email hoaxes

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*Recent addition/ change

Updated Tue 21-May-13