Netro Support: Cyber Security Resources

The Internet by nature is an insecure network, to ensure you get the
best experience from your Internet service, we recommend that you
implement some security measures to protect your system.

Cyber Security guides:
ACSC: Learn the basics*
ACSC: Personal security guides Some easy simple steps you can take to protect yourself and be cyber secure.
ACSC: Small Business Cyber Security
ACSC: Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents including the "Essential Eight" items
NCSC: Create your Cyber Action Plan (UK)

1. Watch out for scam emails (phishing)
- Internet scams*

2. Update your software
Install the latest updates:
- Windows
- MacOS
- Linux
- Android
- iOS
- Wikipedia: Security patches

3. Use strong unique passphrases
- Password

4. Enable Multi-factor authentication
- Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

5. Backup
- Backup

Anti Virus
- VirusTotal analyze suspicious files
- Microsoft Safety Scanner
- Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
- Wikipedia: Malicious Software Removal Tool

Netro may restrict access to some services on some address ranges
to reduce the risk of Intrusion to our network.

Security Tools
HijackThis - shows changes made to system
SysInternals Live: Process Explorer - shows process file location.
Security Task Manager - show hidden processes

Microsoft Security
Red Hat Product Security Centre
Firewall Guide
msconfig System Configuration Tool
Wikipedia: SolarWinds and Solorigate Resource Center
SANS Institute: Newsletters e.g. SANS NewsBites semiweekly executive summary of the most important cyber security news articles
Antivirus comparison

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)
eSafety Commissioner
IDCARE National identity & Cyber support service
Google Safety Centre: For families
Facebook Safety Centre
Microsoft Online Safety
- The psychology of social engineering

Optus Breach
ACSC: Optus notifies customers of cyberattack compromising customer information
Optus: Latest updates & support on the cyber attack
Service NSW: Optus breach e.g. Drivers Licence, includes FAQ
Australian Passport Office: Optus Data Breach
Services Australia: What to do if you've been affected by the recent Optus data breach e.g. Medicare card

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Updated Mar-24