Netro: PC Tips

Get the most out of your system performance,
some of the sections below only apply to Windows XP and later.

Scandisk & Defrag

Right click (2nd mouse button) Start, Explore
Right click "Local Disk (C:)", Properties, Tools

Click [Check Now]  to Scan Disk for errors
Click [Defragment Now] to optimise Hard Drive access


Memory & MSinfo32
Ensure you have sufficient memory, we recommend at least:
- 512 MB for Windows & Office 2000
- 1 GB for XP & Office 2003

System Information
Total physical memory can be verified with Microsoft System Information:
Start, Run, msinfo32

PC Wizard
To save a report: File, Save as:
Range: Selected Category.
Format: HTML
Options: Zip Compression

Aida32 - Enterprise System Information 3.93

System Tweaking
Disable software services that aren't required using:
Microsoft System Configuration Utility
Start, Run, msconfig

For other great tips, refer to:
TweakGuides Tweaking Companion

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Updated Tue 21-May-13