Netro: Generating & Exchanging Passwords more securely

It is important to generate and store strong passwords to protect your information.

For security, use at least 16 characters, such as a combination of:
- Lower case (a through z)
- Upper case (A through Z)
- Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
- Non alphanumeric characters (`~!@#$%^&*()-_=+[{]};:'",<.>/?)
- Avoid password reuse with other sites.

An open source password manager such as KeePass Password Safe can be used to generate & store unique strong "128-bit" passwords,
for some passwords, a custom password generation profile can be created to exclude for example: Underline, Special and High ANSI characters.

Password rules & guidelines
Windows: Password complexity requirements.
MySQL: Escape any Special Characters.

Caution: Do not use your real password on an online password tester:
How Secure is my password?
Password Meter

Keepass: Installation
Download & install Keepass Professional
Create New Password Database, e.g. jsmith.kdbx
Create a strong master password, at least 128-bits estimated quality recommended.
Tick: Key provider, e.g. jsmith.key

File, Database settings, Security:
Click 1 Second delay, e.g. 12,000,000 for an Intel Core i5 650 CPU with Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI)
Divide this by 4 to get a good balance speed & security.

Tools, Options, Security:
Lock workspace after Keepass inactivity e.g. 300 seconds
Tick: Enter master key on secure desktop.

Please keep your master password safe, without it you won't be able to access your passwords.
Also make sure you have both an onsite & offsite current backup.

Exchanging passwords
If sending password(s) via email, encrypt using GNU Privacy Guard or similar.
Our current public key can be added to your keyring.
If you send your public key only, we will generate the required password(s) for you.

Passwords can also be sent via Instant Messaging apps such as Signal, WhatsApp or SMS.

Have I been pwned
KeePass Password Safe
Firefox Lockwise Uses Mozilla Firefox Browser.
Microsoft: Windows password complexity requirements
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The Majestic Million: Top .au sites

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Updated 22-Jan-21