Netro: Remote Admin Tools

Remote admininstration tools are great for accessing computers remotely.
Ideal for technical support.

Netro Remote Support
SC Prompt 2009 755 KB

Lastest software (uses PC Helpware port 5501)
Download v1.2 332 KB

Older software (uses Single Click port 5500)
Download v1.1 179 KB
Download v1.0 176 KB


VNC: Virtual Network Computing
Default Port: 5900/tcp
Tight VNC
Real VNC
- Free edition 4.1 (XP)
- Personal edition 4.6 (Vista/ Windows 7)
Real VNC: Documentation 
Ultra VNC 1.09 (Vista/ Windows 7)

SSH/ Telnet
ssh/ Putty

Microsoft Remote Desktop
Included with Windows XP Pro & Windows 2003 Server
Formerly called "Terminal Services Client"
Default Port: 3389/tcp
Download (for Windows 95, 98, ME & NT4)
Change server port (KB)
Connecting on a different port (KB)
rdesktop (Open Source client)

- Google MyAccount
Chrome Remote Desktop
- Get Support
  - Select "Generate Code", then instant message to us via Signal, WhatsApp or SMS:
    - Netro Support: Instant Messaging
  - Google Chrome Help: Access another computer with Chrome Remote Desktop
  - chrome://apps

Skype Screen Sharing

Dynamic IP tracking
Not required for Netro DSL connections, which include a fixed IP address at no cost.
Dynamic DNS service
- DynDNS Updater

Updated Sep-18