Netro Support: SPAM Filtering


Experimental Spam Filters have been implemented on the Netro Mail Server,
which flags suspected emails with "X-Spam" message headers.
This allows you to identify & filter SPAM messages when emails arrive in your inbox
using message rules.

Testing Spam Filters

You can confirm that Spam filters are working correctly by sending yourself a test message
with the following GTUBE (Generic Test for Unsolicited Bulk Email) string pasted in message body:


When you receive the message, it should show message headers similar to ones shown below:
X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=995.1 tagged_above=3.0 required=6.3 tests=BAYES_00,
X-Spam-Level: ****************************************************************
X-Spam-Flag: YES

For more details on the tests performed, refer to: Spam Message Tests

Enabling Filtering

All suspect emails are flagged with X-Spam message headers
However not all email clients can redirect emails based on message headers

Important: If you are using an email client such as Outlook express, send us an email, so that we can enable
***SPAM**** subject rewriting on your email account

Redirecting SPAM in Microsoft Outlook

Using Outlook, you can setup a rules wizard to store these message in a "Spam" Folder
To do this:

1. Tools, Rules Wizards
2. New
3. Select: Check messages When they arrive
4. Tick: with specific words in the message header
    Under Rule description, Click: Specific Words
5. Type in: X-Spam-Flag: YES

6. Tick: Move it to the specified folder
    Click: New
7. Type in: Spam


8. Next
9. Specify Name for this rule: Spam
  Finish, OK

Redirecting SPAM in Outlook Express

  1. Go to the Tools menu and choose Message Rules, then Mail
    (Then click on New if applicable)
  2. In the first box (Condition), put a tick next to "Where the Subject line contains specific words"
  3. In the second box (Action), put a tick next to "Move it to the specified folder"
  4. In the third box (Rule)
    click on the blue underlined link "contains specific words
    Type in ***SPAM*** (no spaces), then click on Add and OK
    click on the blue underlined link "specified" folder
    Create a New Folder, called SPAM, click on OK
  5. In the fourth box (Name), type in SPAM
  6. Click OK again and you are done

New Rule

Sorting SPAM in Netro Webmail

1. Sort by subject, then delete messages with subject "***SPAM***" when applicable)
2. Create a message filter:
Options, Message Filter, New
Match: Subject
Contains: ***SPAM***
Move to: Trash

Other email clients
Refer to documentation for setting up filters or rules

Please note that the Netro Spam Filter is not 100% accurate, so it may not identify all SPAM messages correctly or occasionally identify legitimate mail as Spam ("False positive"), so we recommend that you check your SPAM folder, before deleting the messages. Please report any falsely identified messages.

More Information
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Additional Resources
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Last updated 11-Jun-10