SPAM/Open Relays

This is also known as UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email) or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Netro will not tolerate spam, either from our customers or external parties as per section 4.2 of our Terms & Conditions

"The sending of unsolicited bulk-email (spamming) constitutes abuse of the system, and the Provider reserves the right to pursue further legal action for damages against any person found using the Service for this purpose"

To report any SPAM originating from Netro, email
To determine if the message originated from our network, view the message headers and check the originating IP address. We consider fraudulent use of our domain name "" very seriously

Netro Customers
If you operate your own mail server, ensure your mail server software is up to date and configured correctly
Netro will not permit customers with open-relays to transmit email via our network, make sure you implement anti-relaying measures to your mail server before connecting to the Internet.

We may run tests from time to time to verify that your mail server is secured. If your server is insecure, we will notify you via email. If you do not secure your mail server within 7 days of notice, we may need to block all outgoing mail from your server via our firewall to maintain integrity of our network. As a result you may need to connect directly to Netro mail server via dialup account to send outgoing messages. To fix and test your server, refer to the links below

Anti-Spam Resources

Mail Relay Testing
(Run from your mail server, using a telnet client)