Netro Support Services

Netro provides a range of IT (Information Technology) Support Services including
cloud infrastructure via email, telephone, remote login and onsite
including data centre, on premises, work from home and remote environments.

To ensure that we can offer a high level of support services, we have
a number of standard (free) and extended (pay for) options available.

Standard support

Includes free: This is limited to Internet service provisioning & network faults such as:

This is limited to the following software environments:

Extended support:

We provide support services for popular cloud, data centre, on premises server, desktop & network environments, such as:
- Linux including Ubuntu & Debian
- Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE)
- Microsoft Windows Server
- Various networking devices including firewalls, routers & switches
- Accounting software such as MYOB & Xero

Popular services include:

1. Security
- Updates
- Anti Virus
- Anti Spam
- Hardening
- Multi-Factor Authentication
- Vulnerability testing

2. Deployment
- System installation & configuration
- Customisation & optimisation
- Remote access & VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

3. Backup
- System image & file based including RAID DAS (Direct-Attached Storage)
- Disaster Recovery Plans, such as offsite backups within Australia & offshore.
- Compression & encryption.


This is based on:
- Time of day
- Response time required
- Product or service covered
- Quotations provided are estimates only, actual time may vary depending on the complexity of the issue and any additional work required.
- Billed in 0.1 hour (6 minute) increments or part thereof
- Actual time charged includes any return travel time required for each consultant onsite, support notes & documentation less time taken for scheduled breaks.

Time Day Hours
Normal (9x5) Mon- Fri 9:00-18:00
Extended (14x6) Mon- Sat 7:00-21:00
All (24x7) Mon- Sun 24 hours, Including public Holidays

Casual (Pay as you go):
Payable in advance or by credit card authorisation only,
order confirmation may be required.

email, telephone & Remote Support: Minimum charge is 0.2 hour (12 minutes)
Onsite Support: Minimum charge is 1 hour plus return travel time required.

Service Hourly Rate Response Time Premium
Standard $165 (150 ex) 48 hr Normal -
Premium $198 (180 ex) 4 hr Normal 20%
Platinum $247.50 (225 ex) 4 hr Extended 50%
After/hrs $297 (270 ex) 4 hr All 80%

Prepaid (Use as you go):
Additional time charged for faster response rates and/or after hours, refer to premium shown in table above.
Any unused time expires after one year.

Hours Cost Effective Rate (ex GST)
20 hrs $2,970 (2,700 ex) $135/hr
50 hrs $6,875 (6,250 ex) $125/hr
100 hrs $13,200 (12,000 ex) $120/hr


Maintenance & Premium Support
Service requests can be logged via email (preferred), contact form, Instant Messaging, SMS & and mobile telephone.
Includes monitoring of customer services, such as email & web servers; edge & core routers.
Support rates only apply where onsite visits are required, these must be booked at least 4 hours in advance,
except in a serious network emergency. If the visit extends beyond normal hours, extended support rates etc. will apply.

Service Extended (14x6) All (24x7)
Quarterly $693 (210/mth ex) $1287 (390/mth ex)
Yearly $2640 (200/mth ex) $4950 (375/mth ex)
Last updated: Nov 23