Netro Services: Support

Netro provides a range of support options for IT&C (Information Technology & Communications)
infrastructure via email, telephone, remote login & onsite, including Internet Access, Hosting and
LAN (Local Area Networks) environments.

To ensure that we deliver a high level of support, we have a number of standard (free)
and extended (pay for) support options

Standard support:

Includes: Limited to Internet service provisioning & faults, such as:

Standard support is limited to the following software:

For onsite server maintenance, visits must be booked at least 4 hours in advance,
except in a serious emergency. If the visit extends outside normal hours, extended support rates apply.

Extended support:

We provide support for popular Desktop, server & network environments, such as:
- Windows 2003 (Server & Small Business Edition)
- Linux Redhat Fedora
- Cisco, Linksys & Netgear Routers

Popular services include:

1. Security
- Updates
- Anti Virus
- Anti Spam
- Firewall
- Vulnerability testing

2. Deployment
- System Installation, including hardware drivers
- Customisation & optimisation
- Remote access & VPN

3. Backup
- RAID, Tape, DVD, External HDD & USB
- Disaster Recovery Plans, such as offsite backups & systems.

This is based on:
- Time of day
- Response time required
- Product or service covered
- Quotations provided are estimates only, actual time may be less or more depending on the complexity of the issue.
- Billed in 0.1 hour (6 minute) increments or part/thereoff
- Actual time charged includes time spent onsite, travel time for each consultant, support summary documentation less time taken for meal breaks.

Time Day Hours
Normal (9x5) Mon- Fri 9:00-18:00
Extended (14x6) Mon- Sat 7:00-21:00
All (24x7) Mon- Sun 24 hours, Including public Holidays

Casual (Pay as you go):
Payable in advance or by credit card authorisation only,
order confirmation may be required.

Email, Telephone, Fax & Remote Support: Minimum charge is 0.2 hour (12 minutes)
Onsite Support: Minimum charge is 1 hour

Service Hourly Rate Response Time Premium
Standard $165 (150 ex) 48 hr Normal -
Premium $198 (180 ex) 4 hr Normal 20%
Platinum $247.50 (225 ex) 4 hr Extended 50%
After/hrs $297 (270 ex) 4 hr All 80%

Prepaid (Use as you go):

Additional time charged for faster response rates and/or after hours, refer to premium shown in table above.
Any unused time expires after one year.

Hours Cost Effective Rate (ex GST)
20 hrs $2,970 (2,700 ex) $135/hr
50 hrs $6,875 (6,250 ex) $125/hr
100 hrs $13,200 (12,000 ex) $120/hr


Maintenance & Premium Support
After hours service requests can be logged via paging service, email & web
Includes monitoring of customer services, such as email, web & routers
Consultancy rates only apply where onsite visit is required

Service Extended (14x6) All (24x7)
Quarterly $693 (210/mth ex) $1287 (390/mth ex)
Yearly $2640 (200/mth ex) $4950 (375/mth ex)

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