Email Services

GST included in prices shown


  • Become more accessible to your customers via Email.
  • Communicate directly with your customers from your PC, rather than printing & faxing of documents
  • Efficiency, since the customer can reply to the same message to reply, without retyping the same information.
  • No more "call tag" leaving messages back & forth, since Email can be read at anytime, anywhere.
  • Send messages to all your customers in one go. No more time wastage at the fax machine.
  • Can have different email addresses for groups such as sales & support eg

One mailbox is included with any Netro Internet access product, including permanent connections and dialup connections
Allows you to receive email from anyone on the Internet
Mailboxes are great for setting up additional users, since they have a unique login & password
Mailboxes include 20 MB disk space limit and 10 MB attachment limit, Anti Virus & Anti Spam
Emails should be removed from our server within 90 days of receipt (whether read or unread) otherwise they may be deleted.

Plan Mailbox
Setup 24.75 (22.50)
Year 59.40 (4.50/mth)
Quarter 19.80 (6/mth)

The monthly rate (shown in brackets) excludes GST and is shown for calculation and comparison purposes.

Included with any mailbox
Allows you to forward your incoming email to another address
eg ->

Allows you to add additional email address(es) to an existing mailbox
eg ->

Alias $27.50 (25)

Domain Redirection:
Any email addressed to your domain name will be redirected to your mailbox
eg ->

Plan Domain Redirection
Year 330 (25/mth)
Quarter 99 (30/mth)

Email Gateway
You can have your own mail server connected to the Internet

Dialup Connection
Email destined for your domain is spooled on our SMTP server. When you connect, the
spooled mail messages then get transferred to your SMTP server. Gives you the flexibility to setup numerous messages

Plan Dialup Gateway
Year 1,056 (80/mth)
Quarter 297 (90/mth)

Permanent Connection
Email gets sent directly to your SMTP server, we act as backup mail server.
Included in cost of Permanent Connection 

Backup Gateway
Netro can act as a backup SMTP server for mail servers located at other locations

Plan Backup Gateway
Yearly 594 (45/mth)
Quarter 165 (50/mth)

Most mail servers send email out directly to the Internet. In limited circumstances Netro can provide outbound relaying for legacy SMTP gateways. It is essential that the server is protected against anonymous relaying

Plan Relay
Yearly 594 (45/mth)
Quarterly 165 (50/mth)

Dynamic IP
This service updates the IP address of the MX record pointing to the mail server when changed, this allows a mail server to receive email on a dynamic IP address.

Plan Dynamic IP
Setup 99 (90)
Yearly 198 (15/mth)
Quarterly 59.40 (18/mth)

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