Netro Support: Microsoft Windows Mail

Normally comes bundled with Windows 10

Getting Starting
- Click Start button.
- Click Mail icon

Please note that not all the screenshots below will apply, depending on if new/existing account is being setup/modified.
1. Add Account or select "gear" icon
1a. Select Advanced Setup

Advanced Setup

2. Select Internet email

Internet Email

3. Internet email account
- Email address: Replace example with your correct email address
- Username: Replace example userid with yours, excluding the domain ""
- Password: ******* (Note: Case sensitive)
- Account name: Netro
- Send your messages using this name: Replace example with your real name
- Incoming email server:
- Account Type: POP3 - Outgoing (SMTP) email server:
- Tick: Outgoing server requires authentication (Default)
- Tick: Use the same username and password for sending emails (Default)
- Tick: Require SSL for incoming emails (Default)
- Tick: Require SSL for outgoing emails (Default)

Account Settings

Resolve sync issues in Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows Mail: Overview
Microsoft Windows Mail: Support

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Updated Jun 17