Netro Support: Outlook Express

Overview Microsoft Outlook Express (Mail reader) normally comes bundled with Internet Explorer (Web browser).
At the time of writing (Jun 06), Outlook Express 6 with XP Service Pack 2 is the latest product version.

Getting Starting
Click the Start button.
- Point to All Programs.
- Click Outlook Express.

First time Setup
- Tools, Accounts
- Add, Mail
- Display Name:
- Internet Email address: (Make sure you type your correct address)
- Email Server Names:
  - My incoming mail server is a POP3 server
  - Incoming (POP3) server:
  - Outgoing (SMTP) server:
- Internet Mail Login:
  - Account name: userid (exclude "")
  - Password: ******* (Case sensitive)
  - Finish

- Tools, Accounts
- Mail, Properties
- Servers: Outgoing Mail Serve
  - Tick: My server requires authentication  

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