Website FAQ

How much space do I get with a website?

The size of the website is determined by the type of account you have:
For standard sites refer to Web Services
For members pages refer to Dialup Services

5 MB should be enough for 250 web pages, this is based on 20 KB per web page (5 KB for the HTML and 15 KB for the images)
How do I design my website?
Netro has tools available to assist design of your website in the HTML Tools section of our website.

Homesite is a good package for writing HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code. It comes with extensive documentation, and is easy to use and customize for your own personal preferences.
For graphic design, Paint Shop Pro is a good shareware graphic package available.
Mapedit  is another useful tool which allows the easy design of image maps for graphics.
HTMLLib is a useful reference guide

How do I make my page load faster?

The key is to keep image sizes down
GIF is ideal for drawings, whilst JPG is great for photos
A 20K image would take over 5 seconds to load on a 28.8k dialup connection
To calculate the download times, checkout our usage page

What file name is used for the default page

Use the following file name for your default page
default.htm for standard sites
index.htm for members pages

What are some useful reference sites on HTML design:

Hotwired Webmonkey 
Web reference Online
www FAQ
Web Style Guide
W3C HTML Guidelines
HTML Goodies
How do I upload my website
For standard sites, refer to FTP Upload page
For member pages, refer to instructions below
1. Connect to Netro's server via FTP.
To do this, you will need an FTP program, like WS_FTP (available from our download section). The server you want to FTP in to is:
Use your dialup login and password for access.

2. Open the public_html folder
If it doesn't exist, create it with the Mkdir button in WS_FTP
If you get any permission errors, email us at:

3. Copy the files
Copy the files from your local site to the public_html on the members site

4. Test your site
Your website should now be visible as the site where userid is your dialup login. Once you are happy with your site, Email us and we'll add your site to our user's sites area.

How do I set up a counter on my members page?

add the following line to your page:
< IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/nph-count?width=5&link=~username/index.html">
Advantages of Netro Web Hosting service
Use your own domain name
Site management via Frontpage
CGI scripts
Windows 2000 hosting platform

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