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Product Information
Web pages are an excellent way of providing sales, marketing, technical information and services to your customers via the Internet. Your web page will be available 24 hours a day and can be modified and remotely managed whenever and wherever you wish. The Web is also more cost effective than traditional marketing mediums, regardless of your business size.

At Netro, we offer you a choice of hosting your site either on Windows NT Server running Internet Information Server or Linux Redhat running Apache. Both servers are connected to an uninterruptible power supply and employ extensive data mirroring and fault tolerant technology. Our high performance networks ensure that customers visiting your site do so at the fastest speed possible.

Key Features
24 hour ftp access
Live Statistics
Web site administration
CGI, ASP & SSI scripting*
Frontpage Extensions
Office 2000 Extensions*
Extranet (password protected) pages
99.45% uptime

*Platform specific

Our pricing options are based on both the amount of disk space your site uses and the amount of data it transfers. Therefore, sites which are just starting out and still gaining exposure are billed less than popular sites with a wide range of content. Bandwidth is only calculated on outgoing data (from your web site). Please note that a domain name is not included with our web hosting plans.


Plan Entry1 Standard Corporate Enterprise Premium
Disk Space 10 MB 20 MB 50 MB 100 MB 250 MB
Registration $77 $77 $121 $121 $242
Yearly $264 (20/mth) $396 (30/mth) $660 (50/mth) $990 (75/mth) $1452 (110/mth)
Quarterly $79.20 (24/mth)  $115.50 (35/mth) $181.50 (55/mth) $264 (80/mth) $412.50 (125/mth)
Monthly Bandwidth 250 MB 500 MB 750 MB 1000 MB 2000 MB
Excess Disk Space (per MB) N/A N/A N/A N/A $3.30 (3.00)
Excess Bandwidth (per MB) $0.22 (0.22) $0.22 (0.20) $0.22 (0.20) $0.22 (0.20) $0.22 (0.20)
Full Domain support  
ODBC connectivity3 (Except SQL)    
Microsoft Index Server support*      
Multiple domain name support      
FTP hosting (anonymous access)        
Forwarders/Aliases/Responders 5 10 20 30 30
(1) Entry Plan may only be used with a sub-domain name, eg company.netro.com.au
(2) Higher rates apply for fees payed by a monthly or installment basis.
(3) NT server platform only

Pricing before 01/11/00 shown here

Web Redirection
Allows web address to be redirected to another site, this is a good alternative for existing sites hosted with a dialup account eg www.company.com.au -> members.netro.com.au/~company

Web Redirection Cost
Setup $77 (70)
Monthly Fee Yearly $165 (12.50/mth)
Quarterly $49.50 (15/mth)

Microsoft Frontpage
Netro provides full server side support for Microsoft Frontpage 98 and 2000, providing users with a fast, easy way to create and manage professional-quality web sites.

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