Netro Support: Gmail App

Gmail app normally comes bundled with Android

Getting Starting
Click the Gmail icon.

Please note that not all the screenshots below will apply, depending on if new/existing account is being setup/modified.
1. Add an email address

Add Mail

2. Set up email: Other.

Setup Other

3. email address: Your correct email address

Add Address

4. Account Type: Personal (POP3)

Account Type

5. Password: ******* (Note: Case sensitive)


6. Incoming server settings:
- Username: Replace example userid with yours, excluding the domain "")
- Password: (as above)
- Server:

Incoming Server

7. Outgoing server settings:
- Username: (as above)
- Password: (as above)
- SMTP server:

Outgoing Server

8. Tick: Notify me when emails arrive (Default).
Tick: Sync emails from this account (Default).

Account Options

9. Your name: Your real name

Account Settings

Take me to Gmail.

Check/change Settings
10. Settings


11. Select email address

Account Settings

12. Select Server Settings option

Server Settings

13. Incoming Settings
- Port: 995 or 110 (not as secure)
- Security type: SSL/TLS or STARTTLS (not as secure)

Incoming Settings

14. Outgoing Settings
- Port: 465 or 587 (not as secure)
- Security type: SSL/TLS or STARTTLS (not as secure)

Outgoing Settings

Google Gmail app: Support

Google Gmail app: Overview

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Updated Jun 17