Netro Support: Gmail App

The Gmail app normally comes bundled with Android,
also available via Google Play app store, search: Gmail
or see links section further below.

Getting Starting
Click the Gmail icon.

Please note that not all the screenshots below will apply, depending on if new/existing account is being setup/modified.
1. Add an email address

Add Mail

2. Set up email: Other.

Setup Other

3. email address: Your correct email address

Add Address

4. Account Type: Personal (POP3)

Account Type

5. Password: ******* (Note: Case sensitive)


6. Incoming server settings:
- Username: Replace example userid with yours, excluding the domain "")
- Password: (as above)
- Server:

Incoming Server

7. Outgoing server settings:
- Username: (as above)
- Password: (as above)
- SMTP server:

Outgoing Server

8. Tick: Notify me when emails arrive (Default).
Tick: Sync emails from this account (Default).

Account Options

9. Your name: Your real name

Account Settings

Take me to Gmail.

Check/change Settings
10. Settings
To access settings, click on the ≡ hamburger icon (triple bar symbol)
at the top of the screen, left side of the "Search in emails" box.


11. Select email address

Account Settings

12. Select Server Settings option

Server Settings

13. Incoming Settings
- Port: 995 or 110 (not as secure)
- Security type: SSL/TLS or STARTTLS (not as secure)

Incoming Settings

14. Outgoing Settings
- Port: 465 or 587 (not as secure)
- Security type: SSL/TLS or STARTTLS (not as secure)

Outgoing Settings

Google Gmail app: Support

Google Gmail app on Google Play store
Google Play app store
Wikipedia: Google Play

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