Dialup ISDN Connection

Product Information

  • Discover emerging business opportunities via full Internet access
  • New range of pricing plans available to suit every Internet user
  • Get an email address & internet access for your organisation today
  • International access for the price of a local call in Sydney
  • Free software and technical support
  • Free home page
  • Netro provides easy to use Windows software to get you online easily
  • PPP (Point to Point Protocol) Gets you connected to the Internet via your modem.
  • Email: (Electronic Mail) Communicate with others efficiently with your own email address.
  • News: Keep up with the latest developments in the world via thousands of news forums.
  • WWW: (World Wide Web) "Surf the Net" to get the information at your desktop.
  • FTP: (File Transfer protocol) Download the latest files from servers around the world.
  • IRC: (Internet relay Chat) Participate or host live conferences via your keyboard.
  • Gopher: Access vast arrays of information via "hypertext" links including online databases.
  • Telnet: Connect to remote computers & access a wealth of resources across the globe.

Pricing Information

Plan 64 K 128 K
Hours 20 hours 20 hours
Setup $220 (200) $385 (350)
Year $1,320 (100/mth) $2,112 (160/mth)
Quarter $363 (110/mth) $577.50 (175/mth)
Month $132 (120/mth) $209 (190/mth)
Effective hourly rate $5.50 (5/hr) $8.80 (8/hr)
Excess usage $6.60 (6/hr) $9.90 (9/hr)
Personal home page 5 Mb 5 Mb


  • Your Dialup Plan can be changed at any time. Change will commence on the following calendar month
  • For dialup plan changes, email accounts@netro.com.au, confirmation will be sent
  • Email only account option available for $15 per month, for accounts that don't require dialup access
  • The plans shown only apply for ISDN connections, different rates apply for dialup modem (analogue) connections
  • You are responsible for the telecommunications cost associated with connecting into Netro.
  • Netro requires that you complete and sign an application form, and that you comply with the Netro Terms & Conditions
  • Hours calculated on calendar month basis, apportioned for accounts commencing or terminating during the month.
  • Hours include online time on interactive sessions such as dialup connections and uploading files to our server via FTP.
  • Unused hours do not accumulate and are non-transferable, i.e. unused hours do not roll over into next month.
  • Registration includes setup of your own email address & web space
  • Choose your username with care, since it determines your email address
  • Your email address will be username@netro.com.au, where username is the login name specified by you on the application form
  • $25 Registration fee applies for username change, since account has to be closed & re-opened
  • Username must be 3 to 8 characters long and must start with an alphabetic character.
  • Password must be 6 to 16 characters long
  • Your password secures your Account just like your credit card PIN number and should be protected
  • You are responsible for any usage on your account. If you suspect any anauthorised use, notify us in writing immediately
  • No registration applies for renewing current dialup accounts
  • Monthly Fee for accounts is in advance. Discounts apply on most accounts for longer term commitments.
  • Effective rate based on optimal usage of account paid year in advance
  • Excess usage is invoiced at the end of each calendar month. If usage is less than $25, it is held over until it reaches $25
  • High volume excess usage customers may be billed in advance, based on the previous two months usage
  • Account renewals and Excess usage Invoices are sent via email
  • Web space Is accesible to the world as: http://www.netro.com.au/~username/
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