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Prices shown include GST

On 1-Jul-2002, the new .au domain name regime became effective
The main benefit is that we can offer you more competitive pricing
on your domain name licence renewal, since domain name licences no
longer have to be renewed through one domain registrar such as Melbourne IT
See also "Internet Registry" Consumer Warning

A domain name allows your organisation to have its own registered address on the Internet. Your Domain name can be used for your email addresses, web site, and a whole range of other online services. A domain name consists of:

1. Organisation
The organisation is the main distinguishing characteristic of the entire domain name. All and domain names are required to directly match the company name they represent.

2. Zone
The type of organisation requesting the domain name. Common examples include:
.com Commercial entities
such as registered businesses.
Educational institutions such as Schools
.gov Government and semi-government entities
.org Non-profit
.asn Associations
.id   Personal Domains
.name Personal Email addresses
.biz Business
.info Information

3. Country
The two letter country code of the domain name. Please note that some countries may have specific requirements before a domain name can be registered. TLD's (Top Level Domains) such as .com do not have a country code infront, whilst 2LD (2nd Level Domains) such as & do:
.au Australia
.nz New Zealand
.uk United Kingdom

Domain Hosting
Also known as domain administration. Netro charges an annual flat fee for domain name administration. This fee covers:
- Setup and hosting of your domain on our primary and secondary name servers (zone)
- Liasing with a domain name authority to move your domain name across from another organisation or make it visible to the Internet (delegation)
- Any changes to your domain such as MX (Mail Exchange) or web address.

A cost effective alternative of registering your own domain name is to register a subdomain with Netro. A subdomain lets you choose any name you like under the netro domain, and use it as a normal domain name. eg: Pricing shown in brackets excludes GST for calculation purposes.
Domain Admin 1 year 2 years
Normal $165 (150) $297 (270)
Subdomain 55 (50) 99 (90)

Domain Licencing

New domain names must be registered with a domain registry, who often charge a two year renewable licence fee which we can organise on your behalf. Netro can also register popular International domain names such as, which may vary with exchange rate fluctuations. The Domain policies for each zone can be found by following the links shown below.

TLD (Top Level Domains) such as .com, .net
Domain Registration Agreement
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

We will normally send you a renewal Invoice when your domain licence expires, however if you were previously with another domain reseller, the current registrar should advise you via email, fax or post when your domain licence officially expires. When you renew your domain name licence through us, we will only use an official AUDA accredited registrar as your domain licence reseller

Australian Domains 2 year Licence $132 (120) $110 (100) $99 (90) $99 (90) $55 (50)* $143 (130) $27.50 (25)*
Regional Domains 1 year Licence 2 year Licence
.asia $55 (50) $99 (90)
.eu $55 (50) $99 (90)

Generic Domains 1 year Licence 2 year Licence
.com .net .org $55 (50) $99 (90)
.biz .info .name .mobi $55 (50) $99 (90)

Country Domains 1 year Licence 2 year Licence
.nz $110 (100) NA & NA $99 (90)
.cc $110 (100) $198 (180)
.tv $99 (90) $176 (160)
.at .be .ca .cc .ch .cn .de .dk .es .fr .it .mx .nl .us $POA

Activation Time
Normally same or next day &, once off registration fee, no ongoing licence fees.
Pricing before 01/11/00 here

Domain Secondary
If you maintain your own Domain Name Server, we can act as secondary (backup) domain server
Deposit is fully refundable at the end of service period once domain has been redelegated

Secondary Setup 1 year Deposit
Cost 77 (70) 88 (80) 88 (80)

To check if your domain name is available for registration, is up to date or to recover a password,
efer to our Support Domain Tools

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