Netro Support: Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source alternative to Microsoft Mail software.

In summary:
- Incoming Server: POP3,, SSL/TLS (Port 995)
- Outgoing Server: STMP,, SSL/TLS (Port 465)

1. Create a new account: Email
New Account

2. Skip this and use my existing email

Use Existing

3. Mail Account Setup
Your name:
Email address:

Account Setup

4. Manual config

Manual Config

Correct port numbers should be shown

Manual Config part 2

6. Advanced config:
Leave messages on server
For at most 1 day(s)

Leave Messages

7. Ougoing Server (SMTP) Settings

Outgoing Server

8. To change existing settings:
Menu, Options, Account Settings

Account Settings

9. Account Settings:
Your Name:
Email Address:

Account Settings part 2

Switching to Thunderbird
10. If migrating emails from another mail client:
- Switching to Thunderbird
- Import and Export Tools Latest download link is at bottom of the page, currently: 3.2.5 version
- Installing add-ons downloaded from outside Thunderbird

Once extension has been downloaded, install in Thunderbird, under Add-Ons (Refer to screenshot in step 8 above)
Then select Extensions, Tools for all add-ons (gear icon), Install Add-On From File...

Account Settings part 2

10a. Create a Migration folder under Local Folders (e.g. Migration)
Right click, ImportExportTools, Import all messages from a directory, also from its subdirectories

Account Settings part 2

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