Netro Support: rsync

rsync is a popular fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool for Linux and Windows.

1. Download latest version, e.g.:
Linux: apt update ; apt install rsync
Windows: Rsync for Windows

To view package contents: e.g.:
Ubuntu/debian: dpkg -L rsync

You can change default values either via: ssh_config or:
RSYNC_RSH="ssh -p 4 -o VisualHostKey=yes" ; export RSYNC_RSH

If 2FA is enabled, install Duo Mobile app & then use enrollment link, register Duo Push for convenience.
- Android
- iPhone

2. Examples:
From Linux Command Prompt (bash):
For help, use man (manual):
man rsync

Display remote directory:
rsync --list-only userid@hostname:/

Copy file to remote:
rsync localfile userid@hostname:/

Useful switches:

--list-only		list the files instead of copying them
-n, --dry-run		perform a trial run with no changes made
-v, --verbose		increase verbosity
--log-file=FILE		log what we're doing to the specified FILE
-S, --sparse		handle sparse files efficiently
-a, --archive		archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X)
  -r, --recursive*	recurse into directories
  -l, --links		copy symlinks as symlinks
  -p, --perms		preserve permissions
  -t, --times*		preserve modification times
  -g, --group		preserve group
  -o, --owner		preserve owner (super-user only)
  -D 			same as --devices --specials
  -H, --hard-links	preserve hard links
  -A, --acls		preserve ACLs (implies -p)
  -X, --xattrs		preserve extended attributes
-P			combines --progress and --partial (useful on large files)
  --progress		show progress during transfer
  --partial		allows resumption of interrupted transfers.
--stats			give some file-transfer stats
-z			compress (useful for transfers with other datacentres)
-c, --checksum		skip based on checksum, not mod-time & size
-W, --whole-file	copy files whole (w/o delta-xfer algorithm)
--no-whole-file		use delta-transfer, e.g on same disk copies.
-e, --rsh=COMMAND	specify the remote shell to use
--delete		delete extraneous files from dest dirs (Caution!)

- rsync web pages
- Wikipedia: rsync

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Updated May-18