Netro: Accounts

Payment Options:

Bank, Business and personal cheques are payable to Netro.
A $27.50 ($25 ex GST) dishonour fee applies to cheques that bounce,
please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account.

Direct Deposit
Pay directly from your account using Internet Banking or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
Account name is Netro, Account Number & BSB is shown at the bottom of every Tax Invoice.
Use your account name & Invoice number in the reference field as the comment.
Please email your deposit confirmation, so that we can ensure that your payment gets allocated correctly.

In Person
Pay by cash, cheque or money order at any St George Bank
Ensure you ask for a deposit receipt and fax this to Netro on (02) 9922 5256
so that the payment will be allocated correctly.

Credit cards
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Visa    Mastercard    American Express

Credit Card Merchant Service Fee applies,
for current rates, visit our payment page:

Money Order
Available from Australia Post, payable to Netro.

Payment Methods:

Send your cheque, money order or credit card payment to:
Netro Accounts
PO Box 47
Lane Cove 1595

Direct Debit
Save time processing payments,
contact us for a credit card authority form.

Complete your credit card details on your Quotation or Tax Invoices
and fax to 02 9922 5256

Pay online using your credit card at:

For security, this will require an email digital certificate.
Email accounts to receive our public key,
then you will be able to send your credit card details encrypted.
Please ensure you include your username, cardname, cardnumber, expiry & amount.

Accounts Information

Title of goods (if any) do Not pass until the Netro Tax invoice has been paid in full.
A higher rate normally applies for services paid monthly in advance, compared to quarterly or year in advance.
A $9.90 ($9 ex GST) fee may apply for Tax Invoices paid by instalment (part payments).
An Internet plan can be changed at any time by emailing accounts, however the change will not become effective until the next billing cycle.

Late Fees
Netro reserves the right to charge a $9.90 ($9 ex GST) late fee or 2% interest per month on the outstanding balance (whichever is higher).
Accounts past the due date may be suspended, if you are experiencing payment difficulties, please contact us before the due date.

Account Closure
To close a Netro service or account, use the Netro: Accounts Closure form.

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