Netro: Accounts Closure

This form can be used to close an existing Netro Service or Account (All services).

Contracts Period
Most Netro services do not have a minimum contract period, except for:
- ADSL: 6 months (early termination fee applies)
- SHDSL: 12 months (pay out rest of contract)
- Mobile Wireless: 6 months (early termination fee applies)
- Fixed Wireless: 24 months (pay out rest of contract)

Minimum Notice
One months notice is required for SHDSL & Wireless services.

To find out when your service expires, refer to the expiry details on your most recent Netro Tax Invoice.
If service has already expired, you will be billed for an additional billing cycle (see below)
Domain name licences are not refundable, since the registrars require payment in advance.

Billing Cycle
Most services are pro ratad in minimum of one month billing cycles, except for:
- IP Addresses (3 months)
- Mailboxes (3 months)
- Domain Licences (24 months for .au domains, 12 months for most others)
- Domain Hosting (3 months)

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