Windows 3.1 Configuration Guide

This guide will show you step by step on how to download, configure & use the Netro Internet Explorer software to get you connected to the Internet. Netro Internet Explorer gives you full access to the Internet including WWW, FTP, GOPHER & NEWS and also allows you to download programs such as MAIL, IRC & TELNET.

Note: If you currently have software from another Internet Service Provider installed (e.g. Ozemail) we strongly recommend that you un-install that software before installing the Netro software. This may also require removing any PATH entries in your autoexec.bat file.

Downloading the Netro Internet Explorer Software

  1. Create a folder (using File Manager) called DOWNLOAD on your hard drive. This will be used to store downloaded files.
  2. Ensure your modem is turned on and configured correctly (refer to your modem guide for this information).
  3. Start your modem's software package or Windows Terminal (located in the Program Manager's Accessories Group).
  4. Configure your terminal software for your modem. This may require selecting the right COM port, speed (19,200 or higher) and terminal emulation settings (8 Data bits, No parity, 1 Stop Bit). For more information, refer to the documentation with your software package.
  5. Connect to Netro by dialling the Netro Connection Number through your terminal package - 9925 5800. The modem should dial the number, make a high pitched squeal (the carrier signal) and connect with the modems at Netro.
  6. At the login prompt, type guest (in lower case) press Enter, and you will be prompted with a menu.
  7. Select 8 and press Enter. You will be prompted with a menu, asking for a file transfer protocol. Consult your terminal program about which of these protocols are supported. If you are using Windows Terminal; select Xmodem then Select Transfer, Recei ve Binary File from the menu. Save the file as netroe31.exe in the download folder. If your terminal package automatically saved the file to another folder, you can locate it using File Manager (Found in the main group in Program Manager), File, Search, S earch for: netroe31.exe. Start from: C:\
  8. Your terminal program should then begin to download the file. This typically takes between 10-30 minutes, depending on the speed of your modem & file transfer protocol selected.
  9. Once the File transfer has been completed, you should be returned to the menu. Go back to the main menu, Type 0 and press Enter to logout. Close your terminal software & save the settings as Netro if prompted.
Installing the Netro Internet Software
Select File, Run and type c:\download\netroe31.exe (or the pathname where this file is located). This will extract the files.

Select File, Run and type c:\download\setup.exe. Follow the online instructions given. Select the Complete Install option when prompted.

When completed, you should have a Microsoft Internet Explorer Program Group on your desktop. Open this (if it is not open already) and select the "Sign me up to the Internet" icon. Follow the online instructions (you may wish to use the Alt-Tab feature to toggle between the instructions and the modem connection screen)

IMPORTANT - Ensure you tick bring up terminal window in the dialup properties for Netro.

If the program did not successfully connect, you may need to use a different initialisation string for your modem in dialup properties. Usually AT&F will do the trick. Refer to the documentation supplied with your modem or contact your modem manufacturer for their recommended Internet Initialisation string.

Connecting to the Internet
Double click the Netro icon in the Internet Explorer group. Enter your username & password in lower case when requested. Click on Continue when you are succesfully logged in. You will now be presented with the Netro Home Page. If you get an error, go to View, Options, Proxy, Ensure the settings are in the following format: : 8080

Downloading & Configuring Email
Once Internet Explorer is successfully running, We recommend that you download Eudora from the Download page, a versatile Email software package. For configuration information refer to the Eudora configuration guide. Congratulations, You are now ready to explore the Internet. Enjoy!

Disconnecting from Netro.
Close any Internet Software, Click on the Netro Dialup Icon, Select Disconnect

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