Windows 2000 Configuration Guide

For new connections

Right click "My Network Places"
Select "Make New Connection", Next
Select "Dialup Up to the Internet" (as shown below), Next

Select "Setup Internet connection manually", Next

Choose "Connect through a Telephone Line & Modem", Next

Install New Modem, Next

Select the modem found, or select generic driver such as a "Standard 56000 bps V90 Modem"

Finish the modem Wizard
Enter Dialup Number: 9925 5800

Enter YOUR userid & passwd

Call the "connection name": Netro

Select "Yes" to configure your email settings, Next

Enter your Real Name, and optionally insert your Organisation Name in brackets

Enter YOUR Netro email address

Enter the Netro server details

Enter YOUR userid & password
Remember this is all in lower case.

Finish the Wizard

Click on Settings,

Under "Dialup settings", Click on settings (again)

Tick "Use a proxy server"
Address: Port: 8080

Click OK
Home page Address:

Click on "Connect", this should take you online
You are now ready to use the Internet such as:
Web, using "Internet Explorer"
Email, using "Outlook Express"

To save time, you can create a shortcut on your desktop
Right Click "My Network Settings"
Right click "Netro"
Create Shortcut
Answer "Yes" to put it on your desktop

Bon Voyage, smooth Sailing!