Netro Support: Screenshot

Screenshots are useful for record keeping, support & troubleshooting.

If you are using a browser or an app, options include take a screenshot or Print to PDF:
- Mozilla Firefox:
  Firefox Screenshots
- Google Chrome:
  Print, Change... , Save as PDF, Save.
- Windows app:
  CutePDF Writer

Popular keyboard shortcuts:
- Android: Volume Down+Power
- iOS: Home+Lock
- Windows: Alt+PrtScr captures active window, alternatively use the Snip & Sketch Tool
- MacOS: Cmd+Shift+4, then press Spacebar, click window with mouse.
Once taken, email relevant image(s) to support, preferably in .png format.

Wikipedia: Screenshot
Wikipedia: Snip & Sketch
- Wikipedia: Windows Snipping Tool
Take a screenshot
Wikipedia: Portable Network Graphics (.png)
Print from Chrome

Updated May-20