Netro: Modem Troubleshooting Guide

To minimise any possibility of modem dropouts, Netro uses Digital 56K modems. We test all our equipment regularly to ensure reliability and performance.
If you find yourself getting frequently disconnected, or just wish to optimise your modems performance, then refer to the checklist below.

Modem problems and common causes for modem dropouts

Netcomm Modem

Modem AT command set

Most modem manuals contain the full settings applicable to their modem, here are some useful ones. See the instructions below on how to enter in the commands in Windows 95 and later.

All command strings should start with AT (attention), followed by your other commands. Please note that the commands will be carried out in the same order that they are entered.

Eg: AT&FM0 will reset your modem to factory settings, then turn the modem speaker off.

Advanced modem connection settings

Storing Modem strings and AT commands

If your modem requires a specific command string or some extra commands that you'd like to enter every time you log on, then store the settings in the connection profile.

To do this, Click on Start, Programs, Accessories, then go into Dial-up Networking. Right click on Netro, and select Properties.

Click on Configure, then select Connection. Finally, click on Advanced, and you'll see a screen like the one shown here.

Your modem settings should be typed in under Extra settings. A recommended string is AT&F which will restore your modem settings to factory default everytime you use this connection.

If you continue to have difficulties, then Record a log file by ticking on the box. This will create a text file at C:\WINDOWS\ModemLog.txt which will provide you with useful troubleshooting information.


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