Macintosh OS 8 Configuration guide

If  you are running Mac OS 8 (all new Macs come with Mac OS 8, to find out click on the Apple Menu, and go to About Computer), then all the software you need is already installed on your computer.

Step 1 Setup Modem

In Control Panel (under Apple menu), select Modem, now select the modem you are using, and what port it is connected to.
NOTE: most connections are via Modem Port. If you cannot find your modem type, try one of the Hayes modems.
Close this window and save.

Step 2

In the Control Panel (Apple Menu), select TCP/IP and copy the following EXACTLY.
Close this window and save.

Step 3

In Control Panel select PPP, type in your user name and password. Now type in the phone number as below (02 9925 5800 for Sydney and 03 9841 6277 for Melbourne).
Click on Connect, and you should connect to the Netro server. Now you can startup Netscape Navigator (or Internet Explorer) and surf the net...

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