TLS Digital Certificates

TLS (Transport Layer Security) Digital Certificates are also known as public key certificates.
TLS is the succesor to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is now deprecated.
TLS is part of HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), protecting website traffic through encryption.
Encryption is essential for protecting sensitive data such as credit card, personal information & login details.

Certifcate options & types:
- Domain (e.g. &
- Wildcard (e.g. * &
- SAN (e.g., &
- DV (Domain Validated) easiest and quickest to setup.
- OV (Organisation Validated) includes your organisation name on the certificate.
- EV (Extended Validated) previously displayed a green bar, now deprecated in most browsers (pricing is available on application).

Description Type 1 year 2 years* SAN included Addtional SAN 1 year Additional SAN 2 years
Domain DV $59.40 (4.50/mth ex) $99.00 (3.75/mth ex)
Wildcard DV $165.00 (12.50/mth ex) $297.00 (11.25/mth ex)
SAN DV $108.90 (8.25/mth ex) $198.00 (7.50/mth ex) 2 $59.40 (4.50/mth ex) $99.00 (3.75/mth ex)
Domain OV $125.40 (9.50/mth ex) $231.00 (8.75/mth ex)
Wildcard OV $323.40 (24.50/mth ex) $627.00 (23.75/mth ex)
SAN OV $231.00 (17.50/mth ex) $429.00 (16.25/mth ex) 2 $108.90 (8.25/mth ex) $198.00 (7.50/mth ex)

Prices are subject to change with AUD/USD exchange rate fluctuations.
Certificates issued by Sectigo.
90 day free test certificate available.
We also provide ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) based implementations as a managed service,
such as Let's Encrypt, including setup, security testing and certificate renewals typically 14 to 30 days before expiry.
* About upcoming limits on trusted certificates TLS server certificates issued on or after September 1, 2020 must have a validity period less than 398 days for compatibility with Apple devices.

Netro Support: TLS

Updated 30-Jun-20