Small Business Permanent Connections

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Product Information

A small business dedicated connection is a service tailored for small businesses who require a permanent presence on the Internet, but do not require a large amount of data to be exchanged. We offer connection speeds from 56K modem to 64K ISDN, allowing your businesses link to grow with demand.

Effective from 01/11/00
Effective rate only $0.20/MB + 10%GST = $0.22/MB

Connection Speed Entry Standard
Registration $495 (450) $990 (900)
Year $1,980 (150) $3,960 (300)
Quarter $528 (160) $1,056 (320)
Bandwidth 750 MB 1.5 GB
Excess bandwidth (per MB) $0.275 (0.25) $0.275 (0.25)

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