Netro Company Profile


  • Netro is the Internet division of RO Computer Services Pty Limited, a System Integration company specialising in Systems & Networking, founded in 1991 by Managing Director Raymond Overdijk.
  • Netro was established in November 1994, with the goal of providing high level Internet and Networking solutions for the corporate market.
  • Netro went live May 1995 in North Ryde providing Internet services through both high speed ISDN & modem connectivity, after extensive analysis of the Internet market in the United States & Canada.
Mission Statement

    To provide fast, easy to use, affordable premium Internet services to help organisations onto the Internet.

  • Fast: Provide a high performance infrastructure using the latest technology.
  • Easy: Provide easy to use Internet connectivity.
  • Service: Professional service with fast response times.
Company Vision
    To be an innovative leader in the provision of premium Internet Services
  • Corporate focus.
  • Technology driven.
  • Emphasis on Employees, Suppliers & Customers.
    Netro Internet services include:
  • Dialup and Dedicated Connections;
  • Domain name registrations;
  • Web hosting and Authoring, including secure transaction sites;
  • Consulting and Training;
  • Network design and management, including firewall implementation;
  • Mail Gateways.
    At Netro, all of our staff have extensive Internet experience, technical resources and support skills to enable them to implement the most demanding Internet and wide area networking solutions. Staff members include:

    Raymond Overdijk, Managing Director

  • Has extensive systems and networking expertise, Microsoft certified system Engineer.
  • Responsibilities include establishing strategic alliances and large scale project management.
    Netro is a fast-growing company, taking on a diverse customer base whilst maintaining a high level of service and support.

    Key customers include :
  • Adelaide Steamship
  • Fishtech & Partners
  • Microsoft Services
  • Sydney Express
  • St Augustine College
  • IT Direct
    Netro works closely with suppliers to offer a superior service to our customer base.
  • Netro provides high speed internet connectivity to the Internet via domestic and international links using Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Frame Relay network to deliver the most demanding Internet connectivity requirements.
  • Netro backbone connectivity into the international Internet network is carried via UUNet, terminating in Los Angles, and CWIX, terminating in San Francisco.
  • Uncongested links ensure a fast and reliable service, with less than 40% average bandwidth utilisation.
  • Netro only uses software & hardware from leading vendors to ensure compatibility with the diverse range of hardware used by our customer base such as: Microsoft BackOffice software, Digital Prioris servers, Sony DAT tape backup units, Seagate Hard drives & Hayes modems.
    Core network infrastructure includes:
  • An array of Pentium Servers running Microsoft Windows NT and BSDI Operating systems providing an extensive array of services including SMTP, POP, NNTP, HTTP, FTP and proxy support;
  • High performance Ascend Max routers provide connectivity up to 8 Mb bandwidth;
  • Scalable rack of high speed v34+ modems providing maximum performance on TCP/IP traffic. Low modem to user ratio maintained to ensure that customers can connect to Netro anytime;
  • Over 10 GB disk space online, including a caching proxy server providing fast response times for popular sites.
  • Netro is the only local Internet Service Provider running FrontPage Extensions recommended by Microsoft.
  • Netro maintains an extensive array of configuration & support documentation, developed and maintained to cover complex customer scenarios.
Fault Tolerance
    Netro maintains a reliable and secure network for mission critical environments, through the implementation of a comprehensive range of services including:
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), ensuring our systems stay online during power fluctuations;
  • RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service), providing secure ISDN connectivity;
  • Rack mounted, fault tolerant Hubs;
  • Hard disk mirroring providing fault tolerance & maximum uptime;
  • Backup servers that replicate content trees on primary servers ensuring minimal downtime;
  • Various diagnostic software provides full remote site management & diagnostics.
    Netro offers a range of options to ensure that your support requirements met:
  • Fully staffed helpdesk, maintained from 9am-6 pm Monday-Saturday;
  • Free email, phone & fax installation support;
  • 24 hour email support for server related issues;
  • 4 hour response time on 95% of issues;
  • After hours & extended support contracts available including disaster recovery & intrusion planning.
    At Netro, we believe we have the experience, technical resources and support skills to implement the most demanding Internet and wide area networking solutions.

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