Netro Mini ITX systems

Mini ITX is "The next small thing", an ultra compact 170 x 170 mm motherboard form factor
These are great as compact entry level workstations and servers
This can include co-located servers, firewalls & network appliances.
For example two mbox systems (shown below) will fit side by side on a standard 19" rack shelf

Motherboard summary

Chipset PLE133 CLE266
Graphics Trident Blade 3D AGP 2X engine Integrated CastleRock AGP engine & MPEG-2 decoder
Memory PC133 DDR266
DIMM Slots 2 1
USB 4x USB 1.1 4x USB 2.0/ 1.1
Audio 2 Channel 6 Channel
LAN yes Yes
IDE ATA 100 ATA 133/ 100
PCI 1 1
Back Panel Connectors

The "Cubid"

Cubid Case
Tiny footprint 63.5(H) x 273(D) x 295(W)
Supports Mini ATX Motherboard (shown top right)
Uses external 12v power supply

Memory: 256 MB
Hard Disk 20 GB, 5400 RPM

Motherboardl EPIA-V EPIA-M
Case Cubid 2677 Cubid 2699 (shown)
CPU Fanless ESP 5000  595 (540 ex)  C3 633MHz 726 (660 ex) 
Fan C3 1GHz 693 (630 ex)  C3 1Ghz (Nehemiah)  847 (770 ex) 

Mitsumi Slim Floppy Disk Drive $88 (80 ex)
Mitsumi Slim 24x CD-ROM $198 (180 ex)
Panasonic Slim 8x DVD-ROM $297 (270 ex)
External USB 1.1/2.0 DVD-ROM $198 (180 ex)
External USB Floppy Disk Drive $121 (110 ex)
Upgrade Hard Disk to 100 GB 7200 RPM $198 (180 ex)

Pulsar ADSL Card $198 (180 ex)
Realtek Low Profile Network Card $77 (70 ex)
Windows XP Pro or Redhat 9.0
PS/2 Keyboard and mouse $77 ($70 ex)
For other options call Netro sales on (02) 9922 5255 for details

Rack Mount

1 RU Chassis IPC-C1G 
180w Power Supply
Only 482.6(W) x 482.6(D) x 44.0 (H) mm (19" x 19" x 1.75")
Add $352 (320 ex)

The "mBox"

mBox features Aluminum alloy case
Tiny size 166(H) x 260(D) x 190(W)
Supports Mini ATX Motherboard (shown below)
200W Power Supply
Front USB & audio ports
LCD display, stylish seven colour light
Blue light tube built into the middle of the front panel.

Nehemiah C3 CPU in EBGA package Motherboard: VIA EPIA M10000 (see Review)
Processor: 1 GHz VIA C3 (Nehemiah) CPU
Memory: 256 MB DDR266
40 GB, 7200 RPM Hard Disk
Sony 52x CDROM
PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse
No Floppy Disk Drive
Total $990 (900 ex)

Upgrade CDROM to Liteon 48x CDR, 24x CD-RW, 16x DVD-ROM $99 (90 ex)
For other options call Netro Sales on (02) 9922 5255 for details

Other Links
Operating System: Redhat 9 HCL