General Information - Internet Connectivity Profile

Diverse Connectivity Options
Netro provides high speed internet connectivity to the Internet via domestic and international links using Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Frame Relay network to deliver the most demanding Internet connectivity requirements. We provide a highly flexible platform of connectivity options including:
  • 14.4k-56k (v34 and K56Flex) for analogue customers
  • 64k-256k (Fractional E1) for ISDN customers
  • 64k-2 Mb (E1) for Frame Relay and DDS customers
  • 2-8 Mb via Satellite
  • 10/100 Mb (10/100 Base-T) for Co-located customers
  • 8-155 Mb (Oc3) for ATM customers

Capacity On Demand
Netro can provide dedicated Internet connectivity to suit the bandwidth requirements of the customer, allowing the customer to increase their capacity when they require it, including the possibility of integrating voice over IP, data and video traffic.

Redundant Multi-Point International Connections
Netro backbone connectivity into the international Internet network is carried via UUNet, terminating in Los Angles, and CWIX, terminating in San Francisco.

Network Reliability
Netro network reliability is among the highest in the industry. We constantly monitor the performance of the service and will be providing reports directly from a secure web site to our customers.

Network Experience
Netro was one of the first Corporate value added Internet Service providers established in Sydney in Nov 94, With over three years experience, we are confident that we can deliver your business and technical requirements.

We offer a comprehensive firewall service to maximise the protection of your electronic assets, including a secure Network Operations Centre, for housing Co-located servers, ideal for finance and E-commerce applications.

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